Jayson Barclay

Jayson Barclay/
Vice President Project Development

As one of the three partners of Carlson Construction, Jayson brings his unique perspective, 30 plus years of experience and innovative ideas to the day-to-day operations of Carlson Construction as well as his direct leadership in estimating and project management.

By placing a focus on relationships, Jayson is able to bring the team together and make every project a success. In addition to the work he does internally mentoring and fostering growth in team members, he also works closely with Business Development to maintain and build client relationships.

Jayson is a proud supporter of many community organizations and is a big believer in encouraging personal growth. Jayson is the Past President of the Board of Directors for the GRIT Foundation and is a very active member of the Canadian Regional Board of the Entrepreneurs Organization and the Edmonton Construction Association (ECA) Board.