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We are always looking for remarkable people to join our team. Please send your resume to

All applicants’ resumes are reviewed and assessed based on experience, knowledge and education. Candidates whom we feel are the right fit for our team will be contacted for an interview, which may be conducted by phone or in-person. Depending on the role, we may conduct two in-person interviews with the applicant, followed by the contacting of references. A drug and alcohol test may be administered through SureHire. If a candidate continues to be successful in this process, an offer may be presented.

Carlson Construction thanks all applicants for their interest, however, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Accounting Manager

Head Office Edmonton, September 11, 2023

Project Manager – Edmonton Office

Head Office Edmonton, August 31, 2023


Head Office Calgary, August 31, 2023

There are currently no jobs avaiable.

Employment Fraud Warning

Effective as of November 1, 2021.

Employment fraud is a potential problem in Canada, and we want to help protect you.

A scheme often used by fraudsters is to impersonate an employee of a company or recruiting firm, and ask for money and/or personal information from job applicants.

Fraudsters may use a deceptively similar, or exactly similar domain for an email address from the company they claim to be associated with, and may also use documents or graphics with the logo and company name.

Carlson Construction, or its hiring partners, will never ask you for funds as part of the recruitment process. This includes processing fees, travel, immigration or visa, or any other costs.

The recruitment process that Carlson Construction employs is professional and confidential. No offer is made without meeting with the job candidate.

Only at the point of signing an employment agreement may a recruiter request personal information such as social insurance number, date of birth, or bank details. A request for these in the interview process is cautionary of a fraud act.

If you have concerns about a job offer or Carlson Construction’s recruitment process, please contact us directly through the Contact Us page on our website.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is a federal resource that you can use to help protect yourself against employment fraud, or other types of email/phone fraud.