Carlson's Leadership Team: Strong, Experienced, Involved

Carlson’s Leadership Team members each possess decades of on-the-ground experience in construction projects. From the downtown towers to the hinterland’s heavy industrial projects, our Leadership Team members have been there. They know how it’s done, and Carlson’s people and clients benefit from this wealth of experience. That’s because our Leadership Team is hands-on, keeping a close watch on all projects at all times, as each progresses through the many stages from design to completion. Carlson’s leaders are with you every step of the way to ensure that your projects are delivered on schedule and on budget, every time.

Stan Colville, CEO

As Carlson’s CEO, Stan keeps the company moving forward with corporate balance and planning along with his passion and drive. Through his vision, and more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Carlson has become a major contributor to the Alberta construction industry.

Stan remains actively involved in many of Carlson’s projects. He motivates all team members to work in a positive, collaborative environment so that clients’ expectations are consistently met. His leadership and commitment ensure that all of Carlson’s clients receive a Remarkable Construction Experience.

Bruce Foster, President

With over 35 years of construction experience, Bruce is a well-known leader in the construction industry as well as the wider community.

Bruce is passionate about all aspects of the projects undertaken by Carlson, striving for the best outcome for all stakeholders. Bruce is recognized by his industry peers for his thorough planning and strong attention to detail.

Bruce believes that communication is the primary key to the achievement of both successful projects and lasting relationships. Bruce leads, motivates, and encourages teamwork with a clear vision of the definition of success. He assists his project teams in decision-making, budget control and schedule maintenance, while always keeping a discerning eye on each project’s original design intent.

Donald and Betty Carlson

“I am very proud that Carlson Construction has reached a milestone of 90 years of business in Alberta. I know that the company continues to hold true to the same values as it did when my family founded the company in 1927: quality, honest work, and a dedication to service. I trust that the legacy of Carlson Construction will continue long into the future.”

— Donald Carlson