Agrium Prill Tower, Redwater Fertilizer Plant

Carlson Construction, accomplished constructors in the heavy industrial arena, received an award in Concrete Excellence from the Alberta Chapter of the American Concrete Institute for its work on the Agrium Prill Tower restoration in Red Water, Alberta. Agrium Inc. was a producer and retailer of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulfate fertilizers.

The work on the Prill Tower included vertical wall and foundation repairs, removal of deteriorated concrete, and supply and placement of new full-height concrete. (“Prill” refers to a product that has been pelletized.)

Carlson took over the project at the halfway point from another contractor. The project was behind schedule, and, to compound the challenges, repairs were required on a portion of the previous work. Additionally, Carlson was required to adhere to a strict completion date. Carlson, noted in the industry for its collaborative problem-solving approach, worked with the Owner to expedite the schedule and improve the overall project. Carlson successfully met the challenges of the project, and completed construction on time.


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