Blind Enthusiasm Brewery

Understanding breweries and brewpubs is a specialization that few construction companies can capably offer. Carlson has worked on several brewery and brewpub projects, and has completed two projects for Group One: the Biera Brewpub in Ritchie Market and Blind Enthusiasm Brewery. Blind Enthusiasm is an extraordinarily imaginative pre-cast concrete three-storey structure that has been “designed from the ground up to create barrel-aged sour beers via spontaneous fermentation.”

Blind Enthusiasm is comprised of a warehouse, pilot brewery, and brewhouse as well as a tasting room and barrel storage. Like Biera, the Blind Enthusiasm project involved specialized challenges unique to this industry such as constant coordination with the brewery supplier and precise layout of infrastructure and systems so that all systems work effectively together. Since the brewery equipment (brewhouse, fermentation, tanks, etc.) was supplied by external vendors, close coordination of equipment information and locations was critical. Specialized subtrades were vetted and deployed to implement stainless steel piping and welding; Carlson also self-performed much of the work.


GPZ RCA Investments Corp.

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Construction Management to Stipulated Price