Blu’s Manulife

BLU’S Women’s Wear Boutique has “been styling women across Western Canada for decades.” This prestigious women’s fashion retailer began in the late 1970s as “two racks in the back corner of Henry Singer’s in downtown Edmonton”, and then went on to establish its first independent location in 1981. Today, one of its four locations is situated in Edmonton’s esteemed Manulife Place, and when it was time to “completely reimagine” this important retail space, BLU’S turned to Carlson Construction.

Carlson undertook the complete demolition and modernization of BLU’S Manulife Place, including all interior spaces as well as the mall-facing storefront. Nearly all aspects of the space were touched during the renovation. The work involved carpentry, ceiling systems, data, doors and hardware, framing and drywall, glazing, HVAC, mechanical and electrical, millwork, plumbing, wall systems, painting and more. Carlson finished off the project with furniture coordination. The result is a truly beautiful space worthy of this iconic retailer.


Blu’s Clothing Ltd.

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