Students Union Building, University of Alberta

Carlson Construction has conducted multiple projects for the Students’ Union Building on the University of Alberta campus. The most recent project involved extensive renovations in the building’s 7,500 sq ft lower level, the focus of which was the installation of a large commercial kitchen that caters to the various faculties and buildings on campus along with upgrades to the electrical and fire systems. The renovation also included the construction of offices, storage rooms, and meeting rooms equipped with Nanawalls (operable glass partitions). In conjunction with the new commercial kitchen, the ventilation system required significant upgrades. Openings were created through the structural concrete floor, and a structural steel tower was constructed to house the new ductwork that extended to the roof, and which accommodated the new kitchen equipment. The tower was architecturally enclosed and cladded to maintain the aesthetic qualities of the building’s exterior.


Students Union, University of Alberta

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Construction Management to Stipulated Price