The Sunnybrook 510S Substation near Warburg reinforces the transmission system between Edmonton and Calgary “to avoid reliability issues for consumers in southern and central Alberta… This 500 kV substation provides the interconnection point to the existing generation in the area allowing for an efficient transport of power to southern Alberta.”

Carlson Construction, well known for its heavy industrial expertise and impeccable safety credentials, worked with SNC Lavalin to build the large-scale foundation work for the Sunnybrook substation project. Carlson’s work involved extensive excavation, earthwork, and grading,  followed by the installation of more than 500 pile foundations.

To accommodate the variation in existing site conditions. Carlson Construction installed a combination of cast-in-place and Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles over the 5.5 acre site. Differing foundation types were used because CFA piles were not possible in some locations due to the high water table. In these locations, the cast-in-place method was used instead to prevent the hole from filling up with water prior to the pouring of concrete.

Carlson successfully met the additional challenges posed by this project’s remote location and lack of supporting infrastructure by implementing extensive Pre-construction and planning in collaboration with the Owner and prime consultants.


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