Carlson comes to the table prepared to work proactively with the entire team to create and deliver innovative solutions and services, regardless of whether the project is Construction Management, Design-Build, or Design-bid-Build.

Our specialized skillset is extensive and includes BIM and Virtual Collaboration, Asset Information Management, COBie, and LEED certification. Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs have afforded us a widely respected reputation for building outstanding projects, on time and on budget. Our safety record is stellar as well.

As Construction Professionals with a proven track record, Carlson’s expertise allows all stakeholders to work together effectively, putting the focus on your project’s best interests from beginning to end.

Carlson is...

Construction Management Professionals

As Construction Management Professionals, Carlson partners with you and your team from beginning to end. At Carlson, effective collaboration and the overall success of your Project are our primary objectives. The pursuit of excellence informs every decision we make, from Pre-construction activities through to the final punch list.


Carlson is very well-known in the industry amongst both clients and colleagues as experts in Pre-construction Services. We provide Pre-construction Services as part of our Construction Management delivery model, or on a stand-alone basis. Your Organization’s planned investment in Pre-construction Services with Carlson will yield positive dividends throughout the life of your Project, which will help to ensure both that Project goals are met and that the delivery process is successful.


Look to Carlson for outstanding distinction in General Contracting. The foundation of authoritative General Contracting is built on trustworthy competitive bids, multifaceted technical expertise, and steadfast subtrade relationships. Carlson brings all this to your Project and more. We are team players, dedicated to your vision and to the Project’s successful realization.



With a history of more than 90 years, Carlson’s experience in every aspect of the construction industry runs deep. We are influential players in the region, and our thorough understanding of the Design-Build process enables impeccable execution. As the Owner of the Design-Build Project, you’ll benefit from the efficiencies of a single point of contact and overlapping phases of execution. Contract with Carlson for Design-Build, and we’ll assemble the best-of-class team for your Project.


Carlson provides the focused skills and expertise that you won’t find at all construction firms. Our depth and breadth of team members and strategically-aligned industry consultants include individuals who are highly trained and experienced in specialized construction delivery. The Carlson skillset includes proprietary Project Management modelling, LEED®, BIM, Virtual Collaboration, Asset Information Management, and COBie.

At Carlson...

Quality Begins at the Beginning

Carlson knows that implementing a Quality System as part of the Project’s base is what makes the real, substantial, and lasting difference. At Carlson, Quality is a project fundamental that begins at the beginning and continues throughout the build to the final walkthrough. It is this approach to Quality that sets Carlson apart and above.

We Are Innovative Thinkers, Focused on Continual Improvement

Throughout Carlson’s more than 90 years in business, we have continually integrated innovation as a critical part of our construction management philosophy. Well-considered innovation is a large part of what makes Carlson one of the leading construction companies in the industry today—the incorporation of great ideas is fundamental to the way we do business. We embrace continual improvement; however, we always ensure that our innovations are based on the solid foundation of effective construction delivery methodology. The result of this winning combination—essential practices performed with distinction, together with innovation—can be seen throughout our company and our Clients’ projects, and include our low overheads, our fun culture, and our consistently excellent service to our Clients.

Carlson and Safety—Going Beyond Compliance

Carlson Construction takes safety seriously. Alberta’s safety standards are high, yet Carlson consistently seeks to meet and exceed compliance. We’re proud to say that we have surpassed the requirements of the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s (ACSA) Certificate of Recognition, and we consistently achieve high marks in our external audits. In fact, in 2016, we achieved the remarkably rare score of 100%. In addition, we choose to surpass compliance requirements by applying Industrial Safety Standards—the highest safety standards possible in construction—on ALL our sites. Carlson’s goal is to return each of our workers and visitors safely to their families and friends, without exception, every day. Our reputation depends on it, but, most importantly, the well-being of our people, and yours, is our foremost concern.

Environmental Watchfulness is Everyone’s Concern

As a construction industry leader, Carlson recognizes its significant responsibilities as an accountable corporate citizen. Our team members act upon the understanding that we all share responsibility for our shared environment, and we work as a team to reduce and eliminate waste as much as possible. The buildings we deliver satisfy a wide range of environmentally sustainable initiatives, and we seek to continuously improve our activities and practices as it impacts our shared environment. At Carlson Construction, we lead by example, because it’s good for all of us.

“At Carlson, we blend expertise with innovation to foster a proven approach that is irreplaceable to those we work with.”

— Stan Colville, CEO