Construction Management Professionals

Carlson is completely committed to your Organization and the success of your Project. As a Project Owner, you understand that Construction Management entails the use of specialized management techniques that are applied to all project phases, from Pre-construction through Construction and Post-construction. In this delivery model, Carlson is involved from the Project’s inception, and our goal is to utilize our considerable expertise to control your Project’s schedule, budget, and quality outcomes.

When well-directed by a specialized and accomplished practitioner such as Carlson, Construction Management is a collaborative endeavour grounded in a close alignment between the leadership group: your Organization and designates, your Prime Consultant/sub-consultants, and Carlson Construction. This leadership group works together, allowing all to draw on each other’s areas of expertise. Among its numerous benefits, Construction Management results in an accelerated design schedule as well as cost certainty and control.

The success of your Project relies on a plethora of critical factors, all of which are professionally and expertly managed by Carlson, from the smallest details to the large global decisions. Carlson leads its team of in-house specialists and contractors in advising on effective decision-making and proactive problem-solving. Our team works on various aspects of the Project — scheduling, safety, estimating, quality assurance, value-engineering, risk management, inspection, and other areas of endeavour — all with the shared goal of delivering a quality project on-time and on-budget. With our proficiency in Construction Management as the foundation for your Project, Carlson is your true partner for construction.