OK Tire Distribution Facility & Warehouse

Carlson Construction has deep experience in Design-Build, and has successfully executed many large-scale as well as smaller projects in this efficient delivery model.

In Design-Build, rather than dividing the Project Team into design and construction divisions, all team players are brought together and headed up by a single entity — Carlson Construction. The Owner realizes significant tangible benefits from Design-Build through efficiencies, a single point of contact, and the overlapping of phases, resulting in rapid project delivery and, very often, lower total cost of delivery.


With Carlson managing the Project from the beginning, the Owner benefits from the synergies of early teamwork, which often results in avoidance of unforeseen costs and delays during the construction process.

Design-build, with its broadly based team approach and an overlapping of project phases, allows the creation of great ideas and creative solutions as well as minimization of costs, maximization of efficiencies, and streamlined schedules.

With Carlson’s Design-Build expertise in assembling and managing the entire team and all phases of your Project, your role as Owner is streamlined as well.

“We are in the construction business. For Carlson, this means we are in the relationship-building business.”

— Bruce Foster, President