The careful planning of Pre-construction — the activities that take place before construction begins — creates a foundation on which all subsequent activities are based. Effective Pre-construction helps ensure that your Project will meet your objectives and strategic goals.

Our Pre-construction Services are comprehensive, as we work to identify issues and cost-savings opportunities before construction activities begin. During Pre-construction, Carlson delivers constructability analysis and value-engineering along with accurate and achievable planning, scheduling and budgeting; thereby providing best value. Quality Assurance activities are also implemented in these early stages of the Project.

Carlson will meet regularly with your Organization’s designates and Design Team to review and discuss project planning and assist with the decision-making process. We provide you with accurate information on project cost, schedule, alternatives, and value-added options.

Our Pre-construction Services focus on the following:

Project Planning and Scheduling

Carlson creates construction plans and phase sequences to significantly reduce lag time. LEAN principles are utilized to provide best value and minimize construction time. This saves money.

When developing and managing the Project Plan and Schedule, we assess a number of factors including site conditions and constraints, equipment requirements, and logistics variables. Carlson will provide a detailed plan which outlines the nature and extent of all necessary construction facilities and project services to avoid cost duplication.

Constructability and Value Engineering

One of the key goals of Pre-construction is to successfully manage constructability issues, thereby mitigating and preventing problems that could otherwise emerge. Carlson conducts an intensive and progressive analysis of constructability and value engineering (C&VE) challenges, thoroughly reviewing assemblies and system details with regard to their intended purposes, relevant building codes, legislative requirements, and building life/durability expectations.

We provide the Owner with insights into best-value building systems and products, and assist in clarifying/ verifying design intent through shop drawings and information coordination.

The Carlson Tendering System

Tendering is managed through the online “Carlson Plan Room” by invitation only. Trade contractors that have historically demonstrated value, adherence to stipulated Quality standards and high performance are invited to bid — this strategy has long-term implications for the reduction in Change Orders as well as Quality Control and accurate scheduling.

The Carlson Tendering System is also completely transparent: after in-house analysis and comparison is completed, the tenders are compiled and presented to you with our recommendations and cost-savings options.


Our Pre-construction and Estimating teams are highly experienced in providing preliminary Class D estimates with minimal information to precise Class A budgets based on complete, detailed design.

Our approach allows us to secure near-final pricing very early in the process, providing cost certainty before actual construction commences and permits the acceleration of the schedule by proceeding with applicable scopes prior to final permits being issued, as well as the opportunity to pre-order delivery items.