As a company, Carlson believes that Quality is derived from effective planning, which precedes the start of construction and permeates every step in the entire process. Each member of our team has a role to play in Quality, from our Project Administrators and Site Superintendents through to our Project Managers and the company’s leadership.

Our Quality System begins in the Pre-construction Stage, where we extensively research the entirety of the Project. Our attention to Quality continues through the Carlson Tendering System, where our thorough understanding of the Project’s deliverables is described in precise technical specifics to our trade contractors. As the trade contractors prepare and submit their bids, Carlson confirms adherence to the objectives of the Project, including the Quality aspects of all Scopes of Work.

To support Quality Implementation during the Construction and Post-construction stages, Carlson employs a comprehensive set of protocols. These protocols include planning, testing, inspection, and correction, all with the goal of ensuring that Quality is achieved through to the Project’s completion. Carlson’s supervisory and management teams continually review all work so that the contractual obligations of Quality are met in all aspects of the Project.

By integrating Quality into the very fabric of the Project from its inception, Carlson provides best quality outcomes, every time, for our Clients and their projects.