Proprietary Project Management modelling, LEED®, BIM, Virtual Collaboration (VC), Asset Information Management, COBie: these specialized skillsets all share the important commonality of teamwork and effective cooperation. Teamwork is central to Carlson’s Project Management philosophy. This corporate focal point, along with our talented team members and strategic industry alliances, places Carlson in a position of strength to deliver successfully on these specialized services.

Project Management Modelling

Carlson’s highly trained professional Project Managers have developed a proprietary computer modelling system, based on project management research and additional Carlson-based methodology development, called The Carlson Management Modelling Process (MM).

The Carlson MM Process has demonstrated its utility in creating superior Management Models and Project Plans, and is another means by which Carlson easily sets itself apart from its competitors. This MM Process is used to map a unique project-specific Management Model. This highly customized model is then employed to identify risk and appropriate management techniques, contributing to the development of the Project Plan.


The successful achievement of LEED® status requires a true team effort and must be championed by a strong leader. Carlson and its strategic LEED® alliances provide this leadership and have the track record to prove it.

Carlson understands that the optimum point at which to introduce and implement sustainable initiatives is right from the start and works collaboratively early in the design stage to determine the probability of achieving each goal. This proactive approach is carried through to design development — the earlier that sustainability is incorporated into the Project, the less costly it is to implement.

Carlson evaluates each credit and prerequisite and identifies risks. Identifying risks early on allows the Project team adequate time to proactively address and mitigate the risks, resulting in a higher success rate overall.

Carlson’s LEED® team members understand that sustainability is more than points on a scorecard — it is an approach to a specific project with a unique set of conditions. We work with your Organization to identify the Project goals that shape how the LEED® scorecard is approached.

BIM and VC

Building Information Management (BIM) and Virtual Collaboration (VC) often go hand-in-hand, and we have the expertise to deliver effectively on both.

With structural laser scans, BIM captures reality and reduces need for rework and duplication of drawings. Both control and collaboration are improved and team members can use the tools to simulate and visualize. BIM enables the team to build and utilize a virtual structure in a visual environment, and provides a collaborative platform for information-sharing for all stakeholders.

By modelling first, possible issues are discovered early, reducing costly rework later. When models are shared with BIM-equipped trade contractors during the tendering phase, highly accurate bidding results. The construction process itself is more effectively coordinated and sequenced, and the work environment is cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Furthermore, when this approach is combined with the Cloud, geographically dispersed teams can work effectively together.

AIM and COBie

The formal application of Asset Information Management (AIM) to a BIM-enabled project is intertwined with BIM and amplifies its effectiveness. Carlson, with its industry expertise, is uniquely positioned to influence how models are developed during the design phase, which greatly supports the end AIM delivers.

AIM enables a standardized approach to digital objects and contributes to unlocking the true value of BIM. The execution of AIM is divided into four main phases which together inform the development of the AIM Execution Plan (AEP).

Not all construction projects require this approach; however, when required, Carlson has the expertise and alignments to deliver on these specialized, sophisticated, and beneficial approaches to building.