Carlson Is Your LIGHT INDUSTRIAL Construction Contractor


Light industrial construction projects often combine the features and challenges of both commercial construction and industrial facilities development. Carlson’s experience in light industrial is absolutely outstanding.

The office/warehouse combinations that are often typical of this building class demand leadership and teams with skillsets in a wide variety of work categories. The variations in business models and facility function — such as manufacturing, distribution, testing, training, and food processing, to name a few — add to these inherent complexities to create construction projects with many moving parts.

Successful execution in this field requires an industrial building contractor with expertise in multifaceted fields of enterprise. Carlson’s lengthy experience in the light industrial construction domain and our family of new and repeat clients continue to grow as we demonstrate superior expertise in this field. Contact us to find out how we can deliver on your next project.

Carlson has been in the business of delivering excellent service in the construction industry for more than 90 years, and we continue to provide A Remarkable Construction Experience for each of our clients.